Different Doors You Can Choose For Your New Glass Shower Screen

Your bathroom is one of the spaces in your home that is used on a frequent basis. Thus, it is not surprising that it will acquire water damage over time, particularly if you utilise a shower curtain when taking a bath. If you are looking to renovate this space in the hope of preventing further water damage, a great upgrade will be installing a glass shower screen. When picking a shower screen, most people tend to focus on the type of glass that they prefer as well as choosing between the framed and frameless variety. As a result, some people don't choose what type of door they want, yet this will also have an impact on how functional your shower screen will be for your specific bathroom. To simplify your decision, below is a list of different doors that you can choose for your new glass shower screen.

A sliding door

If you have limited space in your bathroom, it will not be ideal to choose a door that swings outwards. Instead, consider investing in a shower screen with a sliding door. Sliding doors are one of the most space-efficient options in the market since they open by sliding horizontally, which means they do not need any space either outwards or inwards. Hence, sliding doors are ideal if the shower enclosure itself is limited on space too! Sliding doors also work quite well with frameless showers, as the framed alternative is likely to rust over time, which could mean having to replace the shower door prematurely.

A pivot door

This type of shower door is the traditional option in the market. The door opens and closes at a designated point so you will need ample room both inside and outside the shower to accommodate the door when operating the door. The great thing about pivot shower doors is that they are available in a vast array of designs and styles. Therefore, if you are looking for something unique for your bathroom, you could choose a custom pivot door to match the aesthetic of the space. Pivot doors tend to look great in large bathrooms since the ample space will let the designs on door act as a focal point in the bathroom.

A bi-fold door

If you do not want to compromise on their functionality or aesthetic appeal, then you should consider a bi-fold door for your shower enclosure. Usually associated with living spaces, bi-fold doors have steadily become a sought-after option for shower enclosures too. Their operational mechanism not only ensures that they are highly functional, but it also adds a sleek and contemporary charm to your glass shower screen. Furthermore, you have the option of choosing multiple folds rather than just two, making bi-fold doors ideal for any shower enclosures of any size!

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