Common Roof Insulation Problems and How to Deal With Them

Roof insulation is the key to ensuring you stay in a comfy house even if you lack air conditioning. During cold months, insulation regulates the temperature in your house by keeping the cold out and retaining indoor heat. In summer, it prevents heat from entering your house, keeping it cool. Moreover, residential insulation acts as a barrier by keeping all unwanted environmental toxins outside the home. 

If the insulation degrades or decays for some reason, its effectiveness reduces significantly. For this reason, it's important to keep track of its condition, and an insulation consultation expert can help. Below are popular insulation issues you need to know.


Have you been hearing little squeaks or scratching in your attic? Pests can easily find their way into your roofing insulation material, and it will be difficult for you to know about it immediately. This happens mainly because the attic is dark and isn't occupied by humans. Pests like bats, rats, mice and squirrels take advantage and create a home there. Moreover, the insulation materials may be a reliable source of food for some pests.

To ensure pests don't get to your insulation, consider closing up all entry points critters may use. Also, do not use insulation materials that are appealing to pests.

Ice dams

An ice dam can occur during winter once warm air rises when the rooftop is covered in snow. This warm air melts the snow that's on your roof then starts flowing to the eaves and gutters then it freezes again. Before you know it, ice builds up, hindering proper drainage so the water will have no choice but to seep into the house. The water damages the ceilings, walls, insulation or other areas.

The ice dam problem can be fixed by adding more insulation to the attic floor so you can maintain the temperatures. You may also ventilate the attic or create an air seal on your roofing deck with spray foam.

Mould and mildew

If your home does not have an effective vapour barrier, and leaks occur, the water will be absorbed by the insulation material (cellulose and fibreglass). Due to lack of light and ventilation, mildew and mould begin to grow, creating a health problem for all occupants, including pets.

Adding an air seal to your roofing deck will prevent mould problems. Spray foam can also be used since it acts as both an air seal and insulator.

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