3 ways of updating the locks in your home

If you've recently purchased or rented a new home, you should take immediate steps towards updating the current locks on your doors. You may never know who has access to the property from previous times or who was able to get their hands on a copy without appropriate permission.

Locksmiths can update your locks by re-keying, replacing or changing the locks altogether. Each approach has its pros and cons, so you should be aware of what each option involves.   

1. Re-keying

Re-keying is the process of realigning tumblers in your current locking mechanism, such that old keys will no longer be able to open your door. A locksmith can re-key your locks using simple tools, and the process only takes a few minutes to complete. This is the quickest option available for securing your new home against others who may have old keys.

Because re-keying is an intricate process, make sure you work with an experienced locksmith who understands how to get the job done. A single mistake may cause the re-keying process to backfire and thus result in security concerns.   

2. Replacing the locks

Another option you have available is to replace your current locks with new ones. This means swapping out any previous locks that may have been tampered with and installing different locks of the same kind. In this way, you'll obtain new keys with your locks without worrying about any previous occupants having access through their old keys.

Furthermore, this option is quick and convenient. Since you'll be using the same locking mechanism, you don't have to familiarise yourself with different types of keys or locking systems. However, make sure that the new locks are carefully installed to prevent the possibility of lock picking. All hinges, screws and fittings should be tightly installed on your exterior doors as necessary.  

3. Changing the locks

If you're looking for a thorough solution to your home's security, consider changing the locks entirely. This means switching to a new locking system altogether. You may consider switching to electronic or key card locks.

Implementing an entirely new mechanism is the best way of eliminating any risks from previous occupants of the property. As you upgrade, consider integrating your locks with your home's alarm system. This strategy ensures that any tampering will trigger the alarm to go off in real time.

While changing your locking system is an investment, it ensures safety and will make your property up to date with modern locking technologies. Reach out to a locksmith near you to learn more.

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