Benefits Of Using Concrete Tiles For Your Home Remodel

If you're remodelling your home and looking for ways to be creative, why not consider concrete tiles? They work in various places, both indoors and out, and are open to total customisation. Here are some more specific benefits.

Size And Shape Options

The design versatility of concrete tiles allows you to create a custom look in your home without the high price tag of some other materials. A vast array of tile sizes and shapes is available to fit any room. While you can stick with square forms, adaptable concrete allows you to include imprinted or patterned ones. Some manufacturers can produce small batches, allowing you to install personalised tiles. You don't then need to choose from the manufactured styles.

Colour And Texture Variations

With factory produced tiles in other materials, set ranges often limit your choices and how creative and distinctive you can get with your home remodel. But with concrete, you can harmonise the tile colours with your room decor. For a tiled backsplash, you could choose a hue to contrast with the benchtop or repeat a cabinet colour. 

Because concrete tiles are suitable for both walls and floors, it's easy to coordinate the colour palette of an entire room. You can use them in shower enclosures and bathroom splashbacks, and you can even create a wet room in the bathroom. Useful for outside features such as pool surrounds and patios, concrete tiles allow you to create cohesion between your indoors and outdoors living areas. 

Concrete tiles can mimic other substrates, such as granite or brickwork, so you can mix and match textures as well. You could install a subway-tile look backsplash or one that looks like granite. Colour options range from earthy terracotta reds to vibrant cobalt blues to create realistic impressions—the possibilities are virtually limitless. Similarly to wall paint hues, you can combine pigments and methods to colour match surfaces.

Durable And Low-Maintenance

Concrete tiles are incredibly durable and will last for many years with little maintenance; they can withstand heavy foot traffic, stains and moisture. For floor tiles, periodic resealing every few years will help to maintain their freshness; your contractor can advise on specifics for your installation. Because wall tiles don't carry the same load, they require less attention, but by following recommendations, you won't have to worry about scratching. Though, after installing tiles, it's always a good idea to save several spare tiles to replace any that may need it.

For more information on your tile options, contact a home and garden store.

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