Make Your Interstate Move Stress-Free

Interstate moving can be a stressful process if you don't plan and prepare. It is possible to incur costs that you could have avoided and also to waste time you could have saved. To ensure that the process is completely stress-free and that it runs smoothly, take note of the following.

When Are You Supposed To Move?

Know the date you are supposed to move and be sure that it is actually the day you move because changing it affects other things you will have set in motion. Try as much as possible to have the date 2-3 months from the current date so that you have enough time to plan and prepare.

Where Do You Start?

Make a list of what you need to do from the current date to your moving date. The list should contain the interstate moving company you intend on using, notices you need to give, items you are to carry, leave behind or donate, friends or relatives who can help you, bookings you need to make, items that you should have used up before your moving date, such as gas, and how many packing boxes you require. When this is listed, you won't forget anything.

What To Do As Early As The Current Date

First, contact your interstate moving company and make a booking. The reason you make a booking early is to ensure you get a truck. If you try to book a moving truck closer to your moving date, you might find all the trucks booked.

When you make the booking, ask the kind of services the interstate company offers and if there are any restrictions so that as you organise yourself, you do so in a way that matches the services and advice. Also, ask if the company offers backloading services. It is cheaper than the standard move. Backloading is when you use the moving truck for one trip and another person uses it for the return trip. You are not charged fuel costs for one of the trips.

Second, give notice to your landlord, children's school, workplace and other relevant institutions that are affected by your move.

Third, check your documents and finances. Personal documents can be passports, visas, important letters, titles, certificates, tickets, etc. Place these in a secure place so that you don't have problems on your moving date.

What To Do On Other Days Leading Up To Your Move Date

You can set a plan to pack and donate various items. A plan is necessary to avoid getting tired, forgetting some things and causing delays. Give yourself a couple of hours every day and rest in between packing sessions. By the time your moving date approaches, everything will be ready and you will have a smooth and stress-free move.

For more information, contact an interstate removals company.

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