Two tips for those who are remodelling a home that they hope to pass down to future generations

If you hope that future generations of your family will one day be able to inherit your home which you are currently remodelling, then you need to ensure that any changes you make will help to preserve its structural integrity so that it is still standing when the time comes for your children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren to inherit it. Here are some tips that may help you to do this.

Cut down your trees

If your goal is to ensure that your home is still habitable when your children grow up and inherit the building, then you may need to compromise in regards to the aesthetics of the property by having any trees that surround your home cut down when it is time to remodel the exterior.

There are many reasons for this. Firstly, if during rainy periods wet leaves are continually falling from your trees and getting stuck on your home's external wooden features (such as any shutters, fascia or cladding that are made from timber), the moisture could allow wet rot to grow on and gradually destroy these parts of the building.  

Secondly, tree roots can grow into underground plumbing lines and cause them to burst; the effects of a burst water pipe can leave even the most robust of buildings in a terrible state by ruining their foundation and causing damp problems. As such, it is best if the trees, some of which could potentially cut short the lifespan of some parts of your home, are removed.

Purchase wire mesh from a mesh supplier if you are laying a new concrete driveway or patio

If you want to lay a new driveway or patio during this remodelling project, you should look online for wire mesh suppliers and order some of this wire before you begin creating these features. The reason for this is as follows; concrete that is correctly mixed and poured by a professional is, in and of itself, fairly tough and can often last for a couple of decades. However, if you wish to pass your property down to your children or grandchildren and want to ensure that it is in excellent condition when they receive it, it is best to go one step further and to reinforce any concrete features that you add to your home with some wire mesh.

Positioning some wire mesh in the centre of a freshly-made concrete slab can make this slab highly impervious to damage, as this wire acts as a type of structural scaffold that keeps the slab intact even when large amounts of pressure are applied to the concrete. This means that if, for example, you overload the driveway by parking a large campervan or truck on it or if a flood causes the soil below it to become destabilised, the wire that is embedded into the concrete should enable it to stay in place and remain unbroken. In short, by incorporating this support structure into the concrete, this feature is much more likely to be functional and intact when you eventually pass the property onto your family members. Contact mesh suppliers near you in order to learn more.

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