Three Simple Tips For Buying A New Bed And Taking Care Of It

Furniture is something that people often take for granted, as you can go years between buying pieces, and you can very easily settle into a rhythm of not thinking about it. All the while, your furniture may be causing you one problem after another, as all things do after a certain period of time. Perhaps the most important piece of furniture in your home is your bed—after all, think how long you spend on it over the course of a month, a year or a decade. 

The Frame

A good bed frame is one that is suited directly for your height, size and personal tastes. Obviously couples are going to need a double bed, but remember that there are several options here as well: regular-, queen- and king-sized double beds are all popular. Less discussed is the height of the bed, as you want a comfortable place to get up and lie down from during the night. However, what you should mostly be looking at is the construction quality, the warranties associated with the bed frame and the material. Remember, it is better to pay more for a bed that will last you longer if it ensures that you wont have to buy a new one every few years. 

The Mattress

Mattresses are the most important part of any bed as, when it comes down to it, this is the part of the bed you most interact with. Three key features to consider when looking for your mattresses are:

  1. Firmness: This is hard to judge in the store. If you prefer firmer mattresses, then search for reviews that indicate more firmness and vice versa for a softer mattress. Some brands will be more well known for being firm than others.
  2. Durability: Some mattresses are known to give up after only a few years. A good mattress isn't cheap, but with quality craftsmanship comes longer-lasting products.
  3. Gimmicks: Gimmicks aren't necessarily a bad thing if it is what you are after, but remember that the essential parts of a mattress are the most important. If you find a mattress that also massages you or that can recline up and down, then great, but try not to be distracted by these features when buying.

Caring For Your Bed

After you have your new frame and mattress in place, next comes the crucial part of owning a bed: looking after it. Yes it can be annoying having to flip the mattress every few weeks, but if you don't want lumps forming, this is just part of your duty of care to ensure you don't have to spend another few grand in a year or two. Try not to eat or drink on the bed, as stains are never a good look. Also jumping or walking on top of your bed puts a lot more targeted pressure on your bed that can age parts of it quicker.. 

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