Pros and Cons of Floor Heating

Floor heating is very popular in modern homes, but is it the right choice for you and your family? Here are some pros and cons of floor heating to take into account when deciding whether to invest in this method of heating your home.

Pro: Floor Heating Is Energy Efficient

Hot air is less dense than cold air, which means it rises. Floor heating is therefore a good way of heating an entire room. The heating elements under the floor heat the air at the bottom of the room, which then rises, cools, and falls, setting up a convection current of warm air. Unlike wall radiators, this type of system results in very little heat energy being lost through the walls, which means that your heating bills could be lower.

Con: Floor Heating Is Expensive to Install

Compared to wall heaters, radiant floor heating is relatively expensive to install. The high cost reflects the extra work of taking up the existing floor covering and putting it back in place once the heating system has been installed. While you are likely to recoup this cost through reductions in your heating bills over time, the initial cost can stop some families from investing in floor heating.

Pro: Floor Heating Requires Little Maintenance

Most floor heating systems come with long guarantees, which means that you can get the system repaired for free if it breaks down. In practice, it is rare that homeowners need to use this guarantee because floor heating usually requires very little maintenance to keep it working well. The components are all safely tucked away below the floor, out of reach of spills, bumps and dust build-up, so it is relatively rare that these systems break down.

Con: Floor Heating Increases Floor Height

Installing a radiant floor heating system slightly increases the floor height, particularly if you choose to install insulation boards under the heating equipment to increase its efficiency. This factor is not a major problem in most homes, but it is something to bear in mind if your room has a very low ceiling or if increasing the floor height would spoil some aspect of your interior decor.

Pro: Floor Heating Works With a Range of Floor Types

Whether your room has carpet, vinyl, laminate, tile or stone flooring, you can use radiant floor heating to create a warm and comfortable environment. Floor heating is suitable for use with all these flooring types, so there is no reason to restrict your choice of home decor.

For more information on in-floor heating, contact a heating system supplier.

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