5 Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

When you are shopping for new window blinds, wood can provide an attractive option. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of drawbacks to wooden blinds, but faux wood blinds can provide a better alternative.

1. Water Resistant

Water and moisture won't damage faux wood blinds. In certain rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, wooden blinds can be exposed to moisture and humidity. Unfortunately, this exposure can lead to finish damage, warping of the slats, or even wood rot. Faux wood blinds are made of durable vinyl, which means they are impervious to moisture even in the event they become soaked in water.

2. Easy Maintenance

There's no need to polish and condition faux wooden blinds as you must do with real wood. The vinyl isn't going to dry out and the finish can't become damaged because it is part of the vinyl itself. The surface of faux blinds is quite durable, so you can use abrasive cleaners if the blinds ever need a good scrub. Fortunately, the usual extent of needed maintenance is nothing more than dusting or a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth.

3. Climate Resilience

Thermal heat gain through the windows of the home can lead to increased energy costs, as well as result in damage to the blind material. Faux wood blinds are resilient against heat damage, unlike wood that can dry out and crack. Further, when the blinds are closed, faux wood vinyl provides some insulation against heat. Depending on the finish of the blinds, it can also reflect some heat and increase energy efficiency in the home. 

4. Finish Options

Faux wood comes in just as many, if not more, finish options as real wood. You can find faux wood modelled to have a similar grain appearance as natural wood. It is also available in natural-looking wood finishes, as well as in painted finishes in any colour you could desire. Finding a faux wood style and finish to match your home's decor is quite simple. 

5. Full Privacy Control

Most modern faux wood blinds are no longer made with pass-through cording, which means there aren't small holes that let light through. Instead, modern styles are made to slat together tightly when closed, which means full privacy and light blocking capabilities. You can find styles controlled by wands or cords, as well as automatic types that be controlled via home automation system. 

Contact a blinds shop to see the faux wood options that are available. 

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