Benefits of a Granite Kitchen Benchtop

One of the most noticeable elements in a kitchen is the countertop material and colour. Why not consider granite? It will offer the following benefits.


Rock brings a raw, natural vibe to the kitchen. Each granite slab is uniquely coloured and patterned because of the intermix of minerals dispersed inside. For example, some kitchen benchtops are relatively uniform grey, while others show bold streaks and mottles in cream, bronze and gold. Thus, you can enjoy a piece of nature's artwork in your kitchen. Stone has an ancient look that can't be replicated by factory materials. You'll have a distinctive benchtop that no one else will have in their kitchen.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Granite adds to a kitchen's aesthetic, but it's also durable and practical. It's relatively heat-resistant and is unlikely to be damaged by hot dishes. However, place pans on trivets as granite is heat-resistant rather than heat-proof. Granite is also resilient and less likely to scratch, stain and etch than marble, which is softer and more reactive. Dark granites are often denser and harder than pale-toned granite. Regardless, cutting boards are a wise investment to preserve the smooth surface. Also, seal your countertop as recommended, which will protect the tiny pores over the surface and prevent them from taking in liquids that can cause damage. Remember that stone is heavy, and your cabinets will need to be sturdy enough to carry their weight.


Granite is a versatile substance, as it harmonises with varied aesthetics. It's often installed in traditional kitchens because of its classic appearance. But this rock can also work with industrial, modern and other styles. You can pick a colour, pattern and finish to suit. For example, a smooth, polished black-veined benchtop will look classic. A honed uniform grey can look utilitarian and raw. You could opt for a shiny cream piece of granite with soft grey and tan flecks in a modern kitchen. The versatility of granite will let you remodel your kitchen in the future using the same counter.

Edge Options

You can also choose from various edging profiles for a granite counter. For example, opt for a rounded bullnose edge or one curved at the top corner only. You can install a pencil-edged slab with a soft rectangle shape for a clean look in a contemporary space. In a classic kitchen, you could install a piece of granite with more detailed contouring.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about kitchen benchtops.

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