Why Buy Plants From A Nursery?

In theory, gardeners have no need for plant nurseries. They can grow everything they want in their garden from cuttings or seeds. Why then would you spend money at your local plant nursery when it would be much cheaper to do the work of bringing young plants on yourself? Aside from the fact that many nurseries in Australia offer a great deal of value for money, there are plenty of sound reasons to buy your plants from them. Read on to find out what benefits plant nurseries offer horticulturalists.

  • A Wide Selection

One of the primary reasons anyone buys plants from a nursery is the degree of choice they will obtain. Although it is possible to take cuttings from neighbours' plants to augment the sort of planting your garden has, this approach will inevitably be limited. By start contrast, visiting a nursery will mean being able to select the sorts of plants that will suit your soil and garden style.

  • Healthy Plants

When you go to a nursery or garden centre for your plants, the chances are that there will only the healthiest specimens on display. This is down to the fact that nurseries weed out the plants that haven't grown well from seed and only sell the best of the crop. In addition, there will often be three, four or more examples of the sort of plant you want to buy allowing you to select the one that is looking most vigorous. You don't get this chance when growing from seed from home unless you can run a truly professional operation on your own. Remember that there is no guarantee that a seedling will turn into a healthy adult plant. When you buy them ready to go into the ground, much of the guesswork as to what will survive has already been taken out of the equation for you.

  • Gain Expert Knowledge

It is worth remembering that a plant nursery doesn't just give you access to shrubs, trees and flowering plants, but to a lot of information, too. This way, you will be able to understand better how your plants will look as they grow. Many nurseries employ staff to offer tips about where the best places to grow plants will be, whether they prefer full sunlight or some shade, for example. You'll also receive guidance on how often to water and nourish whatever plants you're buying. Crucially, this sort of advice is offered freely at most nurseries as a part of the service.

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