How to Make Sure You Look after Your New Carpets Properly

There is nothing like the feel of carpet underfoot, especially when you've just got out of bed in the morning, so you may have decided to ditch the tile to carpet your home instead. This was quite a big undertaking and came with a fairly large bill, so you'll want to make sure that you look after your investment as much as possible. Of course, you know that these carpets can get dirty, and you will need to clean them, but you do need to avoid some of those common misconceptions along the way. What do you need to remember when it comes to caring for your new floor covering?

Hidden Dirt

Firstly, it can be difficult to tell that the carpet is dirty if it has a relatively neutral colour to begin with. This will only happen gradually over time, after all, and you may simply get used to the new look of the carpet without realising what has happened. Move the corner of your sofa a little, and you will see the true colour of the carpet underneath. For most people, this is a shocking revelation and will prompt them to take action right away.

Overdoing It

On the other hand, you may be quite familiar with carpet care and know that it needs to be cleaned, but you're worried that you may do this too frequently and ruin its appearance. However, the latest chemicals used in a professional carpet cleaning process are very gentle on the fibres and will not harm the colour or texture. Just to be safe, a cleaner will typically test it on a small area of carpet that is out of sight first.

Spray and Go

Some people think that they can simply spray one of those over-the-counter deodorants and all will be well. Yes, they can make the room smell of roses or chrysanthemums, but they won't do anything to address the underlying problem.


It should be possible to rent a carpet cleaning machine and do all of this work yourself. Bear in mind, however, that it is very labour intensive and you will certainly feel that you've had a workout once you've finished. Furthermore, many of these machines are not very efficient at extracting the water once it has been laid down. Consequently, it could take a long time for the carpet to dry, and this could present a fertile breeding ground for mildew, mould or fungus.

The Better Approach

If you really want to look after your investment and make sure that your carpets last as long as possible, outsource this type of work to a professional carpet cleaning company instead.

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