3 Reasons to Choose Wooden Blinds for Your Window Treatments

When you are choosing window treatments for your home, there are so many different options to choose from that making a decision can be a little overwhelming, to say the least. Opting for blinds instead of curtains only narrows things down a little because there are so many different types of blinds available in the marketplace these days. Although they can cost a little more than some other types of blinds, wooden blinds can give you a lot of bang for your buck, and here are some reasons you might want to consider them for an interior revamp. 

1. Blinds with a traditional feel. Blinds are often the obvious choice for people who want to achieve a sleek and modern feel in their living space, but this doesn't mean that blinds can't fit into a more traditional room. Say that you have a country-style kitchen and you don't want curtains to absorb all of the smells of kitchen cooking–wooden blinds are a great, rustic-looking solution. While vinyl blinds can be very functional, they don't look good in many cosy living spaces, whereas wooden blinds are more elegant.

2. Very insulating. One of the functions of having wood throughout the home is that it's a fantastic insulator. Because wood contains little air pockets, it can trap air so that it doesn't escape or get into the home easily. For most people, this means that wooden floorboards help to keep homes cosy in the winter, but wooden blinds can also add an extra layer of insulation. Many parts of Australia have extreme temperatures that vary wildly from winter to summer, so it can be a real benefit to have something like wooden blinds keeping your home naturally warm in the winter and naturally cool in the summer.

3. Low maintenance. In the 21st century, everyone has so many responsibilities, from raising a family to growing a career and even just trying to eat nutritious food each day. The last thing you want is to have to organise time in your week to look after your window treatments. With curtains, you have to worry about things like professional cleaning, which can be costly. With cloth blinds, dirt can find its way into the material, and it can be hard to remove. With wooden blinds, however, all you have to do is occasionally wipe the slats clean, and any sign of dust and dirt will be removed in seconds.

Will you consider wooden blinds for your home?

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