3 Significant Benefits of Using a Shower Rail together with a Showerhead Filter

The primary reason why homeowners install water filters in their showerheads is to improve the bathroom experience. However, unfiltered hard water is not just harsh to the skin, but it also hurts your wallet -- soap doesn't readily lather. That said, did you know that you can get more from your showerhead filter by installing a shower rail? Most homeowners who are renovating their bathrooms are not aware of this fact; therefore, they are stuck with what conventional showerheads have to offer. This article highlights the top reasons why you need a shower rail for your showerhead filter. 

Easy Installation of Filter Cartridge -- Although home shower water filters are designed to capture water impurities, they do not do so perpetually. Once the filters have captured as many impurities as they possibly can, it is highly unlikely that the cartridge will provide the benefits you deserve. It means that you have to replace the filter cartridge, but you have to gain access to the showerhead. If you have a fixed showerhead, then you need something to help you reach the showerhead such as a stool. This is where a shower rail proves handy. All that is required is to slide the showerhead down to a comfortable height. The rail makes replacement of a home water filter cartridge a breeze regardless of height advantage. 

Safe Replacement of Showerhead Filter -- As mentioned previously, replacing a water showerhead filter cartridge on a fixed showerhead requires the help of a platform for easy reach. However, this can be very dangerous, especially if the bathroom floor is wet. Homeowners can either wait until the bathroom floor is dry enough or place a rubber mat underneath a stool to eliminate chances of slippage. You can put all this worry away by installing a shower rail. Since you can lower the showerhead to your preferred height, it makes the replacement process safe. 

Efficient use of Filter Cartridge -- The amount of water you use daily determines how long a shower filter lasts. For example, if you use a lot of water, sediments will accumulate on the showerhead filter faster. Consequently, the filter will lose its filtration ability fast and require regular replacement. A shower rail plays an integral role in lengthening the service life of the showerhead filter because it allows users to use water effectively. For instance, a short person might use more water with a fixed showerhead because of lack of regulation. They will, however, use less water if they connect a shower rail to the showerhead. The reason is that lowering the showerhead ensures maximum coverage, thus making washing and rinsing easy. Consequently, it reduces the amount of water used and prolongs the service life of your showerhead filter.

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