Two factors to consider if you need to buy a new laundry hamper for your home

If you are in need of a new laundry hamper for your home, here are two factors that you should consider before you buy this item.

The area in your home where the laundry hamper will be placed

When you're looking at all of the laundry hampers that are currently for sale, you should keep the area of your home where you intend to put this item in mind. There are several reasons why it's sensible to do this. The first is that if the hamper will be placed close to an area where you eat (such as the dining room or kitchen) or in a bathroom near the entryway to your home, then you will need to look for one that comes with an airtight lid.

The reason for this is that the contents of this hamper will, of course, be quite smelly. As such, if the hamper has a loose-fitting lid (or no lid at all) and it is in one of the aforementioned areas, you and other people in your home will be greeted by the odour of dirty laundry every time you step into the house or every time you sit down to eat a meal. Conversely, if the lid is airtight, any unpleasant smells in the hamper will not waft around these parts of the house.

The second reason is that the hamper must be the right size for the area where you plan to put it. For example, if you are going to put it in a small nook behind the door of your utility room, the hamper must fit snugly into this nook. If it is too big for this space and juts out, it may prevent you from fully opening the door and thus negatively affect the functionality of this room.

Whether or not there are any dogs in your home

If there are dogs in your home, then it would probably be best to pick a hamper that comes with some type of latch and which can be secured to a wall. The reasons for this are as follows; a lot of dogs have an excellent sense of smell, as well as an unfortunate love of whiffy socks and other malodorous garments.

If your laundry hamper has a lid that does not latch and it is filled with piles of dirty clothing, your dog will probably smell these items and then use their snout to lift the lid and then steal whichever smelly garments take their fancy. This might lead to some of your garments going missing or ending up badly torn. Furthermore, if the laundry hamper is not secured to the wall behind it, your dog's attempt to steal its stinky contents could result in the hamper tipping over and all of your dirty laundry being flung onto the floor.

If, on the other hand, your hamper is securely attached to a wall and has a latch on its lid, it will be next to impossible for your pet to steal anything that is inside of it or to tip it over.

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