What to Consider When Choosing Awnings

If you want to enhance your outdoor spaces, adding an awning to your garden comes with lots of benefits. As your new installation will likely act as a long-term structure, you want to plan your approach carefully. Before signing any contracts or handing over money, there are a few things you need to consider. 

How does the colour complement your home?

Before you start looking at your options, consider the type of colours that could complement your home. After creating a short-list, focus on whether the colours come with any other benefits. For example, many people choose lighter colours, as they tend to reflect light away and provide them with a cool area to sit. Additionally, lighter colours can deter some flying insects, such as mosquitoes.

Do you want UV protection?

It isn't unusual for awning manufacturers to offer shades that provide UV protection. Usually, UV protection applies to the colour and pattern on your fabric. When it's in place you can expect that your installation won't fade, even when the sun shines.

What angle do you need?

The type of angle you need for your installation will vary according to where you install it. In a lot of cases, any north-facing awning is likely to need less of an angle than those that are south-facing, as they don't need to work as hard to deflect the sun. You may want to discuss your shade requirements with the manufacturing team before settling on your final angle.

What material would you like?

In a lot of cases, fabric is an appropriate material for your awning, as it allows you to experiment with colours and decrease the risk of those colours fading. However, if you're using your new installation to protect your car or create a storage space, you may want to try wood, plastic or metal. As a result, you'll guard the item you're protecting against the elements.

Do you need side paneling?

Adding side paneling to your awning allows you to create a perfectly formed outdoor space. It also gives you the freedom to experiment with different types of angles, which is important when you want to increase or decrease the amount of shade you get. Finally, adding side panels gives the impression of having an entirely new room outdoors, which some people love for outdoor dining experiences.

After considering everything carefully, make sure you find the right design team. Putting a little effort into your research now usually delivers better results later.  

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