4 Essential Tips for a Nifty Walk-In Wardrobe Installation

Compared to built-in wardrobes or freestanding clothing wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes provide you with a bigger accessible space to store your shoes and clothing. With meticulous planning, you can install a covetable walk-in closet in easy steps. The following are essential tips for a walk-in wardrobe installation for your home's bedrooms. 

Consider Hanging Rails

Every homeowner has his/her requirements when it comes to hanging space. However, women seem to require more space than their male counterparts. The excellent approach for any walk-in wardrobe can be mixing short and long hanging rail options. Additionally, include short double rails that cater for your pants, trousers, shirts, jackets or skirts. Furthermore, since corners are tricky to access, use long rails to hang your long suits and dresses you don't often wear. 

Make Maximum Use of Available Space

To make use of available space, borrow some inches from the floor of an existing room. For instance, areas under the eaves can be partitioned, placing drawers against the short wall and reserving the full height section for hanging. Ideally, when you want to include new extensions for a bathroom or bedroom, you need to plan the layout to skilfully allow ample storage space. You'll be able to save more time and money by planning ahead on how to better use your space. 


For better organization in your walk-in wardrobe, you'll need drawers to store smaller accessories such as socks, hats, underwear and folded towels, among others. Design your drawers with adequate space to prevent your clothes from folding up during storage. Furthermore, you can opt to use dividers or small baskets for items such as ties, belts or scarves to keep the drawers tidy. 


Your walk-in wardrobe also requires proper shelving, which is essential in storing items such as folded jumpers and trousers. You can choose open shelving or narrow shelving in your wardrobe design. Open shelving is perfect for keeping your collection of handbags or purses while narrow shelving is ideal for keeping your shoe collection and footwear. These shelves can be installed along the bottom side of your walk-in wardrobe.


These are the four essential tips when planning your ideal walk-in wardrobe installation. Remember, your walk-in wardrobe will require proper lighting if it's not accessible to natural light. It's recommended to use cooler coloured bulbs rather than warmer ones to have a better view of actual colours of your own clothing. 

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