3 Factors to Consider When Buying Security Screens

Security screens are definitely a wise investment for a homeowner. There is no such thing as being too safe, and therefore, expenditure on fixtures or appliances that enhance residential security can never be considered to be a bad investment.

Several factors come into play when choosing between different types of security screens. A few of these factors are discussed in the post below.

Your Budget

This is the main factor that will determine which type of security screen you end up purchasing. Security screens are either made of aluminium or steel. Steel is generally considered to be a better material for security screens than aluminium because it is the stronger of the two.

However, this does not mean that aluminium is a weak security screen material. It is only a weaker material when compared to steel, but on its own, it meets the minimum requirements laid down for security screen materials.

Therefore, if you are shopping for security screens on a budget, an aluminium screen is probably what you will end up purchasing. If budgetary constraints are not an issue for you however, you should go for security screens made of stainless steel.

Your Local Climate

If you live in coastal areas, then there is no doubt that a security screen made of steel is the right choice for you. This is because aluminium corrodes more easily than steel and exposure to the salt-laden atmosphere of coastal areas will get your aluminium security screens corroded rather quickly.

It is also important to point out that marine-grade steel is the best for security screens that are to be used in coastal areas as opposed to structural-grade stainless steel. This is because marine-grade steel is more resistant to corrosion than structural-grade steel. Therefore, a security screen made of marine-grade steel is bound to last much longer.

The Size of Your Windows/Doors

In the ideal situation, a security screen should be a perfect fit for the window or door on which the screen will be placed. In order to guarantee this, security screens are custom made with a particular window or door in mind.

Custom-made security screens often cost more than pre-fabricated screens. However, there is zero likelihood that a custom-made security screen will be ill-fitting, thereby compromising your residential security rather than making your premises more secure.

The right type of screen will get the job done effectively. Be wise when choosing your security screens. 

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