Alternative Uses for Awnings You Might Not Have Thought Of

Although awnings are usually seen deployed over the front of shop windows or patios doors in residences, they are much more versatile items than you might think. Fitting them in your home will add to its curb appeal and, therefore, raise the potential asking price of your house if you ever come to put it up for sale. However, this is not the sole reason to have them installed. Read on to find out how so many people in Australia are making unconventional uses of their home's awnings to good effect.

Protect Exterior Furniture

Most Australian households have some garden furniture to go along with the ubiquitous barbecues that are so-loved in the country. Of course, plenty of the exterior furniture you can buy nowadays is designed to put up with some degradation of ultraviolet rays and rainfall. However, all furniture, no matter how high-quality it is, will need some degree of protection at the height of summer and the depths of winter. Commonly, the higher quality it is, then the more you will want to offer it protection from the elements. Without needing to transport it into your shed or garage, simply deploying your awnings will help to prevent water damage and fading from sunlight exposure.

Provide Privacy

Sometimes, awnings are fitted not merely to create a pleasant shady patch to sit under but to keep out prying eyes. If you have a neighbouring property that oversees your garden because it is higher up on a hill or a first storey window provides a direct line of sight, then you will often want to block it. Growing a tree may take years and you cannot shift it once it has established itself. Alternatively, a retractable awning will provide you with all the privacy you need, but it can be moved out of the way when you don't need it. These days, some awnings come supplied with side canopies that block off lines of sight from all directions, too. These also act as excellent wind-breaks so they are certainly worth looking into if you live in an exposed location.

Carport Canopies

Awnings make excellent canopies for parking under. By fitting one to the side of your home, you can keep your car out of the sun, thereby helping to keep it cool for the next time you want to drive off. Some people have them fitted in front of their garages, a good way to keep more than one vehicle out of the heat. Remember that it is not just about keeping your car cool but providing it with shade to prevent its tyres ageing prematurely and to stop its upholstery inside from fading.

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