Three Simple Homeware Items Every House Needs To Have

Decorative homewares might not be the first thing you think about getting when you move into a new house but, after a while, living in a mostly empty building can begin to feel odd. That is why decorative homewares are still so popular, and the range of options only gets bigger each year with new styles, trends and options arising every few weeks and months. For your first few decorative homewares, you should stick to items that are tried and tested, that everyone enjoys and guests love to see. Here are three decorative homewares your home needs to have.


if you do not have a clock that has been passed down through your family as an heirloom, then you may not have ever really considered buying a wall clock. After all, your phone tells time just as well, so what is the point, right? Well, the answer is not that simple. A wall clock is not just a timepiece, but it is also a part of creating a living space that is comfortable and familiar. They harken back to a previous time while still having a purpose to this day, as you won't always have your phone immediately on you. Clocks and watches are actually booming at the moment, with many people preferring a return to tradition, and there are tons of styles of clocks to browse through to find one you love. 


Indoor plants have become a real trend in recent years, and that is one that flora lovers have fully embraced. While you don't need to go as all out as some do, having a few succulents or even fake plants on your windowsill or in the middle of your table can really soften the whole room and make it feel more lived-in and homely. You just need to decide whether you want fake or real plants, knowing that real plants will take a lot more effort and to be ready for that. Fake plants can be found in many decorative homeware sections and will look as good in five years as they do today.


Blankets come in many different styles, but the ones that you commonly see in peoples lounge rooms or living rooms are called throws. These throw blankets are very thin, but often made of extremely soft material and have nice designs. With winter coming up, they also serve a practical purpose and are highly sought after during late-night discussions and movie-watching sessions. A couple of blankets is an absolute must for any new home. 

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